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Welcome at Christophe and Iwona Lavarenne's

Iwona, Eva, (larger 32K) Anna, Christophe.

Welcome to http://christophe.lavarenne.free.fr, our modest virtual family hut for our far away friends. It will evolve at family will, for the pleasure of its constructors, and we hope of its visitors.

It shelters for now all our coordinates (email, telephone, postal, road), as well as a few tribal photos.

Dear visitor friend gifted with internet ubiquity, you'll always be welcome in our virtual sweet home, and while visiting, would you feel the desire to post us a few words, we'll be pleased to read some fresh news of your's.

Every human should know at least two languages: his country's, and Esperanto, the equitable international language.

Euxropo por akordo, Esperanto por dialogo ! Euxropo-Demokratio-Esperanto